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Quality product made from natural materials
Original danish since 1975
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Duckfeet Grenå

About the boot

Duckfeet Grenå is a soft winter lace-up Desert Boot boot with 100% wool lining. Duckfeet Grenå has laces and the natural tanning and processing by hand results in nuanced differences in leather shade, grain and markings. Duckfeet Grenå is available in a variety of great colours.

  • Upper material in tanned Terracare® leather - see Care Guide
  • Outsole of natural crepe rubber
  • The midsole is made of vegetable-tanned leather
  • The boot is available in EU sizes 35-50
  • 100% Wool lining
  • Duckfeet is handmade and 100% produced in the EU

56°24,4'N,  10°55,5'E.

Welcome to


Grenå is a cozy and historic city, which has been a market town since 1445. Today it’s Djursland’s biggest city with great shopping potential in all types of specialist businesses and supermarkets. Historically the city has always been an important business city, and its authentic look is clearly visible at the medieval square with the Grenå Church, which is the city’s landmark. Three walking streets meet at the square, where there’s outdoor service when the weather is nice.

Along Grenå stream you can follow a pleasant path, which will lead you from harbor to city or reverse. The stream connects the yachting harbor with the city and continues past Grenaa’s golf course along with Kolindsund. The path passes the new housing sector ‘Åbyen’, which with an artificial island and small canals has made a recreational environment. By the romantic white bridges is the Culture Centre the Pavilion.

Duckfeet Grenå is a comfortable boot with laces that keeps your feet warm and happy all winter.


Duckfeet is incredibly comfortable and a treat for your feet. While your feet enjoy ample room for toes to move and breathe, you can enjoy the vision, smell and feel of a genuine quality product made from natural materials and produced with a strong focus on sustainability.

Processing by hand and natural tanning bring nuanced differences in shade, grain and marking in the leather, resulting in no two pair of Duckfeet being alike.
All products are handmade and unique and come with their own story and personality.


The leather is sourced from European animals, prepared for production at a European tannery, and produced by a European shoe factory. Thus, we guarantee that Duckfeet is 100% made in the EU.


Since the 1980s, we have produced Duckfeet in Poland, which is a country acknowledged for its long history of shoemaking. We have consistently worked with the same manufacturers, and share a close and personal relationship with the workers, managers and owners of the factory. Similar to how we work with all our other partners and suppliers.

Careful consideration

Duckfeet has always been produced with careful consideration of sustainability and a strong focus on ensuring proper conditions for the animals and people involved in our production.


Duckfeet products are made of sturdy leather and natural crepe soles without any use of synthetic materials. Simple and natural. Every pair of shoes is a beautiful piece of long-lasting craftsmanship, with the unique and elegant leather broken in and shaped by your feet for a perfect fit. Duckfeet embrace your feet, your style and your personality. We don't just make shoes - we make shoes just for you.

The company was founded in 1975 by the Wiechmann couple in Sønderjylland - the Southern part of of mainland Denmark - and has since been a small family-run company with a lot of personality.

Duckfeet is designed and produced based on ideas of simplicity and honesty - a pair of Duckfeet doesn't pretend to be something they are not. The first models designed and produced were Jylland and Sjælland, and both are still produced and sold today without any changes to design. In fact, the pattern for all our shoes has been left unchanged since 1975 when the first pair of Duckfeet saw the light of day.

Duckfeet is down to earth

When you shop with us, you are dealing with a small Danish company that is passionate about high quality and excellent personal service. We have a strong tradition for premium handicraft, do not leave anything to chance, and we produce with the greatest love for Danish design and respect for the art of shoemaking. To us, Duckfeet is not just a job. It's a way of life.

  • 90 days full return
  • Original, Danish design since 1975
  • A natural and sustainable product

If you need assistance or have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email.

+45 7475 2440